2019 Awards for Excellence in Historic Preservation

The Louisiana Landmarks Society is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Awards for Excellence in Historic Preservation. The Awards, to be held this spring, will honor projects completed in Orleans Parish, including the French Quarter, in 2018 that represent outstanding examples of restoration, rehabilitation or new construction in a historic district. 

Nominations for the 2019 Awards may be submitted from individuals, companies, or organizations. The deadline for nominations is January 24, 2019. Of particular interest are projects which:

  • Demonstrate that historic preservation can be a tool to revitalize older neighborhoods
  • Show that historic preservation is "green" and sustainable
  • Support the cultural and ethnic diversity of the preservation movement
  • Are creative examples of saving a historic building
  • Preserve or restore a historic interior
  • Exhibit outstanding technical proficiency or innovation
  • Represent new design that is appropriate to historic neighborhoods

When you have completed the form below, please be sure to click the "submit" button. We will contact you to confirm receipt of the nomination. If you do not receive an email from us, or if you have additional questions, please contact us at 504.482.0312 or jdyer@louisianalandmarks.org


  • Mail physical form back to: Louisiana Landmarks Society | 1440 Moss St. | New Orleans, LA 70119
  • Email completed forms to Jenny Dyer at jdyer@louisianalandmarks.org.  
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